Enhance Electronics was established in Taipei in 1986. We pride ourselves as world-class leaders in manufacturing and producing electrical switching power supply.  Our philosophy is one of dedication to excellence and unparalleled service, global commitment in pioneering research and development of electrical power products backed by over thirty years of experience, success in developing a wide spectrum of technological applications, including but not limited to, computer notebooks, personal computers, integrated system products, wireless communication servers, NAS/SAN, POS, digital entertainment equipment, etc.  Moreover, we are ever striving to further our distinguished excellence in technological innovation on top our electrical power development foundation in order to serve the bests interests of our clients.  In worldwide locations, our company is proud to offer customers a full range of high quality power solutions.


Dongguan Enhance Electronics is situated in the Dongguan prefecture of the Guangdong Province in Mainland China.  The factory area is ideal; lush greenery adds ambiance to the complete software and hardware facilities.  The total site area consists of 40,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 2,000 people, offering company personnel a good working and living environment.  The factory space is mainly divided into: the manufacturing area, the residential area, and an employee lounge area.  It is also fully equipped with independent power supply installations, a central kitchen facility, and living facility components.  Moreover, to ensure the most idyllic material management and most effective rate of distribution, the warehouse is equipped with computerized and systemized storage management material that allow for maximum systematic control, fluid movement of goods, and independent shipping.  With an excellent set up and up to 8 strips of single production lines that measure 120 meters, our production capacity is of the finest quality and the highest efficiency.  


Enhance Electronics was established with the mission of providing the highest quality of electrical power tools in order to fulfill the needs of each and every customer.  In order to assure quality products, from start to finish we are committed to stringent quality control standards.  In addition, we also provide an unparalleled level of customer services and technical support in both the front and back end to guarantee customer satisfaction.  Everything we do is in compliance with our core values that shape us and allow us to serve the greater society and customers at large. 

Core Value

Innovation- Our success depends on superior technological innovation and product excellence we constantly strive to improve. In order to achieve a high degree of innovation, our world-class research & development (R&D) team utilizes over 30 years of experience of specialized knowledge to unceasingly serve customers for their entire electric power source needs.

Energy SustainabilityIn response to the world’s energy conservation issue, from 2005 Enhance began to invest in the research and development of high efficiency products.  At the end of 2005, we have had successfully developed 57 products recognized by 80PLUS and Energy Star Certification.  Furthermore, in the many years preceding recent events, we have always been and continue to be committed to environmental protection through an eco-friendly manufacturing process, recycling program and proper waste management.

 Quality Assurance- Quality is the cornerstone of Enhance Electronics; from the product development to shipment, our professional team and perfect precision tools are there every step of the way to ensure the highest quality and reliability of products. Our goal is to provide customers stable products.

Market agility- With precise market analysis, we are able to rapidly refresh product lines to meet the industry and consumers’ needs and at the same time to drive the products to the market place ahead of our competitors.

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